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A cozy spot for Casper lovers of all kinds can get together!Anything about the movie, comic, cartoon show, or it actors and voice actors and the like are all welcome!

Community Rules: There will be NONE of this or I will boot you! (or get the trio to do so=)
- insulting, bad mouthing etc.
- stealing or copying without permission.
- harsh language
- Spam!

Posting (Stories, fanart etc)rules are simple, just put'em behind a cut or link to the site. They must NOT have extreme gore/blood, provacative material. Slash is ok but please, let's keep it tasteful!
Overall, please list in your entry if your story contains things that might be offensive.

Now that's all out of the way, feel free to browse. Most the stories are also found on fanfiction.net under Movies and Misc. Movie sections. Happy Haunting!

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